Comment on About Us by Anil Talwar.

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the social cause. I am really be enlighten on the issues which come across on day to day basis in our life. In this regards, we intend to ask that in co-operative society, certain members have grabbed the roof top, since the same is accessable to top floor, however as per the bye laws, it is indicated that that no construction/elevation can be conducted in top roof as its belongs to the society and its each member. The said has been resolved in one of the AGM also.

The society has sought evacuation of roof and notice to this effect sent to notice board, and one of the member filed an complaint in civil district court, hence status quo is ordered by the court. However, we have contended that the civil court has no juridication in such matter as the matter need to be adjudicated by the registrar of DC act. Because of such elements there is total lawless ness exist as on date. Please do advice, as to what need to be done with to avert any unholy situation.