Comment on About Us by Sayali Sankul.


We are registered Society in Mumbai. Originally builder developed our Plot (2 adjoining plots) over 3 wings of building A, B & C. Navi Mumbai.
A wing & B Wing have 7 floors and ground floor is under stilt, totalling 49 flats.
C wing has 2 floors with 2 flats in 1st and 2nd floor.
The new C Wing Purchaser of lower flat has enclosed his open stilt area (allotted to original allottee by Society earlier) with a permanent room and rented out without taking approval from Society. He maintains the stilt area is C wing’s and nobody can object. The building approved plan clearly mentions open stilt area and as such allotted as Car Parking.
Similarly, the 2nd floor resident of C wing (new Purchaser) has enclosed his terrace (building’s open terrace and hence common property) and deciding to rent it out for profit, without even taking society’s permission. The Society committee constituted under Builder’s control had allotted C Wing open plot area as well as Stilt parking to C Wing flat owners.
Can the current Society members & Committee now annul the previous malafide allotments?
How can C Wing residents illegally enclose Terrace as a room and lower stilt area allotted for car parking as a room?
Are these are not FSI violations, illegal encroachment?

Please advise.

Sayali Sankul