Comment on About Us by Dr A K JAIN.

Mr DP Agarwal had a free hold Flat in Co-operative Group Housing Society in Delhi. His son Mr Rajiv was joint owner and also nominee .Mr Rajiv resides in USA since last over 20 yrs. Mr DP Agarwal had two daughters ( Renu and Meenu) and one son (Rajiv). Mr Agarwal passed away in Decemebr 2013. Mr Rajiv and Meenu relinquished their shares in favour of their sister (Renu). Based on registered Relinquishment deed, Renu got it mutated also in MCD. But when she appraoched the Managing committee of the CGHS, they are reluctant to tranfer the share certificate (membership) in her name and they said that first the share certificate will be transferred to Rajiv and then only he can transfer to any one else. Is the CGHS managing committee correct??. Once Mr Rajiv has relinquished his share, how can the shares certificate be transferred in his name?? Pl advise how to get the membership transfrred in the name of RENU JAIN.