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Sir is it possible that this best NGO can be approached personally for detailed discussion and filling a case in the Registrar of Societies etc. as the time given by the Election Officer appointed by the Registrar office is just up to 21st April for forms and the election date is 4th May. Since I approached the society office for list of members and the outstanding list of members they have given me the list as on 31st March while the election is declared by the officer on the 25th March they made hankey panky in the list as they have displaced the list of outstanding on the notice board as on 31.12.2014 with a motto to keep certain members out of the election process after showing absorbent outstanding against their name.Sir can the NGO help the society from saving it from the corrupt hands.

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Maintenance charges in co-operative housing societies
How much % can maintenance can be raised and under what section of DC’s act

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Advocate ji,
Please guide us as: our society has been put under special audit by the RCS Delhi and the Spl Auditor has submitted his report with his openios as miss doing of the previous management in doing their works related to paint and plaster where they collected 62.00 lcas and after lot of miss doings put an expenses of 82.00lcas can u please intimate us as to what line of further action is to be taken by us as we are awaiting the RCS instructions and hope they will take their time as sudual and try to side line the issue please help and guide.

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Sir can u please advise if outdoor games like football or cricket is allowed in the society premises when we have a chilla complex of sports just near by. By thi the central lawn is being spoiled and so are our funds in maintaining the lawn by its plants and grass so much so the window pans are also damaged pl advise

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Can u please guide as to what is the rate of interest a cop group housing socity can charge on default in maintenance dues or demands. Our society is charge zzz