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Ex President of our CGHS has encroached upon Common (Idle) area 650sq ft. adjacent to his flat on ground floor and dumped his household material by breaking his flat-wall and fixed a Door 6ft x 3′ size, for the last 7-8 years, with the conspiracy of 3- 4 other members. Being President of the same Society, can I lodge the FIR with RCS /Police and get the space free from him. Please Advise. Thanking you.

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Its not a contribution of any member, whatever income generated by me by utilsing my Skill, such as levying charges on cable operator, replacement of energy efficient lamps, Extra interest on Bank FDs etc. for these no MC approval was taken w/o any implementation. Expenses to be incurred for Holi milan/deepavali etc with other society members only. our some MC members are crook persons say kaam hua to kyun hua, nahi hua to kyun nahi hua / w/o any physical /mental contribution from them.

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Sir, Thanks for your prompt advise on the encroachment. As President of the CGHS, I generated Recurring EXTRA Income of Rs. 2 Lacs p.a. without burdening any society member(s)/residents, for celebrating any festival (Holi Milan, Deepawali etc. with society Residents/members, can I sanction the expenses with or w/o any their contribution w/o Management committee’s approval, say rs. 5000 – 10000 per event ? Please Advise. Thanking you.

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Being President of the CGHS, want to file a criminal defamation suit of Rs 50 lacs each against 4 society members for accusing/defaming me for diverting society fund for some renovation work in my flat. Not a single paisa of society fund was used/diverted by me for my flat. Its their utmost jealousy that am renovating the flat as all wood work was badly spoiled by termites/ white ants. Please advise about the competent lawyer for filing suit in Karkardooma Court / Delhi.