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Sir, I am a member of a society in Dwarka. Almost of 50% of the members have let out their flats and I am one of them. The society has imposed a special maintenance charge of Rs. 300 per month on the tenants. We have pleaded that if this is legal, they can charge and if not, they should not. But the resident members who outnumber the members who have let out their flats see that their maintenance charge is subsidised by the tenants and they don’t want to remove the same. This is a clear cut case of discrimination amongst members. My tenant is paying enhance maintenance charge by Rs. 300 p.m. on my behalf. Please advise.

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Public grievances of members of co-operative societies
This appears to be a very noble cause. I wish you all the best in solving the problems of the members of the societies who are suffering in the hands of managing committees