Abbreviations used only after you know these

*🔗News paper =*

_North East West South past and present events report._

*🔗Chess =*

_Chariot, Horse, Elephant, Soldiers._

*🔗Cold =*

_Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease._

*🔗Joke =*

_Joy of Kids Entertainment._

*🔗Aim =*

_Ambition in Mind._

🔗Date =

_Day and Time Evolution._

*🔗Eat =*

_Energy and Taste._

*🔗Tea =*

_Taste and Energy Admitted._

*🔗Pen =*

_Power Enriched in Nib._

*🔗Smile =*

_Sweet Memories in Lips Expression._


*🔗SIM =*

_Subscriber Identity Module_


*🔗etc. =*

_End of Thinking Capacity_

*🔗OK =*

_Objection Killed_


*🔗Or =*

_Orl Korec (Greek Word)_


*🔗Bye =*♥

_Be with you Everytime._

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