10 + 10 years Non Pensioner of Indian Navy fought 1971 War

The Indian Navy had the following casualties in the 1971 Indo-Pak war. But those who survived the war, are fighting with its own force i.e. Indian Navy and also the Govt of India in the Supreme Court of India to secure justice for them. Armed Forces Tribunal at Chennai granted Reservist Pension but Govt of India & Indian Navy are fighting against it. Govt want to set up an example before citizen of India, the way it treats those personnel who were recruited for 10 years active service and 10 years reservist service. Their documents IN271 shows that they were recruited on these terms. After the reserve period, they were to get Reservist Pension.

But to deny pensionary benefit to this category of personnel, the Ministry of Defence issued a letter dated 3rd July, 1976 in which at its para f, it said that hence forth the practice of keeping reservist be discontinued. Resultantly, the Indian Navy, while releasing this category of servicemen, issued another certificate that the sailor is not kept in fleet reserve. Therefore, the Govt of India through Indian Navy, denied the Pension benefit to these sailors.

10 + 10 years Non Pensioner of Indian Navy fought 1971 War




  Officers  Sailors  Total
INS KHUKRI 18 176 194
Alize 203 2 1 3
Total 22  177 199


Rank Name Rank Name
Ag Capt(X) Mahendra Nath Mulla Cdr(E) Mukadavil Ommen Ommen
Lt Cdr(X) Joginder Krishan Suri Lt Cdr(L) Prabhat Kumar
Lt Cdr(S) Rajat Kumar Sen LtSD/TAS Manbar Singh
Lt(X) Suresh Hiranand Kundanmal Lt(L) Vinod Kumar Jain
Lt Davinder Kumar Sharma Surg Lt Sudhanshu Sekhar Panda
Lt Madabhushi Sampath Kumar Sub Lt Satyedra Pal Singh Kushwaha
Sub Lt Samvel Abraham Sub Lt Sushil Kumar
Sub Lt Shashi Prakash Sub Lt Guru Qal Singh Sandhu
Sub Lt Subhash Chander Sapra Midshipman Ashok Gulab Rao Patil
MCPO 2 Bansilal MCELP II OP Kohli
MAA KG Nair SCPO A Singh
CHME N Singh CHYS MA Prosperian
ERA 2 MK Unnikrishnan EAP 2 JS Harike
ERA 3 BN Singh ERA 3 S Mohan
ERA 3 P Balachandran EAP 3 TR Raju
EAP 3 SK Pathak SWA 3 SK Verma
WM 3 KS Mankotia MECH 3 AP Rana
PO SN Ram PO A Latif
PO Thottapura Chathunni Sidharthan PO CD Mandiri
PO NS Kathait PO Wtr R Singh
PO Wtr HK Singh SPO R Piara
POME M Singh POME C Kachchap
POEL(P) J Raj POEL(P) R Singh
PO Tel KS John PO Tel WP Manuel
ERA IV LS Sharma ERA IV GP Singh
EAP IV S Singh EAP IV Inderjit
EAP IV PR Krishnan EAP IV A Singh
EAP IV B Singh EAR IV KB Sadhies
EAP IV SC Chauhan AG ERAIV K Mukhopadya
LS Dhiman PO Std K Singh
PO Std HR Sharma POCK(S) Jabharden
LS Sridhar LS Desondhi Mal
LS M Singh LS MG Pandey
LS R Singh AG LS(TY) B Sasidharan
AG LS KR Joshi LME SS Malhan
LME Rameshwar LME JB Patil
LME B Malesappar LME YS Bhardwaj
LME RS Nimon LME SBS Chauhan
LMA P Singh Shekhawat L Wtr H Singh
L Wtr K Singh L Tel RS Parmar
L Tel Prakash Kulkarni L Tel A Sebastian
L Tel BD Manna LSIG PR Lokiaah
L Sig SS Yadav LMER Salg Ram
EAR 5 E John EAR 5 Karam Chand Nandh
EAR 5 M Sharma EAR 5 K Chand
ERA 5 P Singh L STD TO Verghese
LCK (O) PK Sen LCK (S) S Shinde
LCK M Chand L Top Om Prakash
Sea I MS Negi Sea I AK Tripathi
Sea I BS Tangniya Sea I AK Sarkar
Sea I SK Das Sea I N Samanta
Sea I R Sankar Sea I SP Dutta
Sea I AK Jha Sea I Raj Kumar
Sea I I Singh Sea I Mohinder Pal
Sea I LG Werulkar Sea 1 Tilochan Samanta
Sea I G Ravindranathan Nair Sea I VK Ramadavan Pillai
Sea I MV Somraj Sea 1 NS Gopalkrishnan Nair
Sea I John Thomas Sea I K Gurudas
Sea I RN Sahadevan Sea I Zainuddin
Sea I EP Verghese Sea I P Chand
Sea I CP Kurian Sea I SB Sami
Sea I A Kabilan Tel I HK Mehta
Tel I Parma Nand Tel I W Ray
Tel I S Thomas Sig I KK Sud
Sig I H Singh SA 1 KG Daniel
SA I A Ram ME I SN Pathak
ME I V Singh ME I SK Biswas
ME 1 TR Salunke ME I Hari Lal
ME 1 K Kabbur ME I KB Singh Guleria
ME I B Singh ME I VN Narayana
ME I G Venkatesan ME I R Gurumurthy
EMR I AK Khanna EMR I PL Sheemar
STD 1 VR More STD I P Ram
STD 1 S Dass CK I BK Mandal
CK (S) 1 TNS Shetty CK1 GB Singh
Wtr I M Halim Top I A Lal
Top I P Singh Sea II B Singh
Sea II V Venugopal Sea II RB Singh
Sea II Om Prakash Tyagi Sea II Raghbir Singh Yadav
Sea II SS Nirwal Sea II M Ram
Sea II R Singh Sea II N Chand
Sea II PL Devassy Emp II SN Krishnan
ME II KP Moideen ME II PC Maity
ME II Banshi Lal ME II HR Jat
ME II R Srinivasan ME II JNK Nair
EMP II Ram Anju EMP II KS Thakur
EMP II AP Mahanan Tel V Deshmukh
Tel AG Rajamani Tel B Singh
Tel KP Bhaskaran Tel N Balan
Sig B Das Sig P Chand
EMR II Hiralal Jat EMR II Hari Mitter
STD II Jagdish Chand STD II R Mahto
CK (S) H Singh CK (S) B Ram
CK(O) PS Rawat CK (O) A Raju
Top II Nandu Bhai APP UC Pandey



Rank Name
Lt Cdr(X)(P) Ashok Roy
Lt(X)(O) Harbir Singh Sirohi


Lt (X) NM Samir Das


Lt (X) Suresh Gajanan Samant


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  • Hello IN Shipmates , I am also a non- pensioner reservist, we are all solo performer on our respective field of work and a professional. We don”t need to declare our profile.The worest scenario even Defence minister come front for a solution with expert team , aligned for action and we await.we are fully aware of underlying cause.

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  • Ramachandrarao Mohan says:

    Dear all, The reasons of excuses IN attempt on conditional on 3 respective should come to an end as years passed. Pain for many families as respectives similarly placed and await for reservist benifits.

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  • Vadavarayil Jacob Abraham. says:

    After giving our best time our youth to the nation, the deniel of Indian Navy for our right is so Painful to our Old age with so many Old age Problems.

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  • Dear naval veterans it’s 28april & 7 months have elapsed since sup. court passed historic verdict & did justice to us who were denied pension all these yrs.I’ve completed 32 yrs since released from IN & my senior veteran friends are released even 45/50 yrs ago.shouldn’t the people sitting on this verdict for last 7months have little regard for us? I hope wisdom prevails upon these worthy people.& orders of Hon.sup.court is implemented in true spirit.If we are patient better not take it for ride.Thanked

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  • kamal borgohain says:

    it is very painful that the government of India and Indian Navy denying to release the special pension to the veteran sailors who fought against Pakistan in 1971. these veteran sailors has already attained the age of 65 years and more. Many had left this earth.
    we request Mr. Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India to settle this genuine dues of the Indian Navy Sailors.
    i remember all my colleagues.

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