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Election of MC (Managing Committee) in New Cosmopolitan Co-operative Group Housing Society Ltd by Raminder Singh Sahota, Advocate, Returning Officer Managing Committee had appointed Returning Officer (copy of appointment letter) Appointment …Read the Rest

Supreme Court of India granted Special Pension to 10+10 Sailors   Team of VETERAN SAILORS WELFARE ASSOCIATION, which was present inside and outside the Supreme of Court of India on …Read the Rest

Civil Court has no jurisdiction in case between Member & Society In some of the cases of un-authorized construction in a co-operative society, the Managing Committee files civil suit against …Read the Rest

MANAGEMENT We provide transparent management co-operative societies in Delhi, NCR as per the DCS Act, 2003, the DCS Rules, 2007, Bye Laws of the related Society and relevant judgments of …Read the Rest

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Mutual Divorce do not need cooling period of 6 months Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 — S. 13-B(2) — Divorce by mutual consent — Cooling-off period of six months: For determining …Read the Rest

Cheque bounce case drawer to pay 20% interim compensation immediately Cheque bounce case latest amendments in law JULY 2018 Parliament today passed a bill aiming at allowing a court to …Read the Rest

Lawyer is officer of the court KARNATAKA HIGH COURT (DB) Before:- N. Kumar and Mrs. Rathnakala, JJ. C.C.C. (Criminal) No. 20 of 2009. D/d. 16.04.2015. High Court of Karnataka – …Read the Rest

Car Parking charges imposed by Co-operative Society – There are several disputes of common car parking charges imposed by co-operative societies i.e. CGHS and RWA i.e. residents welfare associations found …Read the Rest

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EMPLOYMENT STANDING ORDERS FOR WORKERS   HR policies for workers: 1.       These orders shall come into force w.e.f. 01.04.2007   2.       Classification of workmen.–(a) Workmen shall be classified as — …Read the Rest

General Body of co-operative society is supreme ??? It is said that general body of members of a co-operative society is a supreme body to take final decision in all …Read the Rest

Parking at owner’s risk – a warning by co-operative society It is observed in almost every co-operative housing society that a Warning Board or a Notice Board has been placed …Read the Rest

RCS specifies particulars to be put on web site for members   The Registrar of co-operative societies has given detailed instructions to all the co-operative societies to make their own …Read the Rest

Protection of action taken in good faith to consumer 28. Protection of action taken in good faith.-No suit, prosecution or other legal proceedings shall lie against the members of District …Read the Rest

Seepage from Upper Floor flats NATIONAL CONSUMER DISPUTES REDRESSAL COMMISSION NEW DELHI  REVISION PETITION NO. 84 of  2007 (From the Order dated 9.10.2006  in  First Appeal No. 561/2005  of the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Haryana) Seepage from Upper Floor flats  …Read the Rest

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Cancellation of Vakalatnama Cancellation of Vakalatnama, is a question which arises in the minds of the litigants. But unfortunately the litigants do not know the method of its cancellation. Therefore, …Read the Rest

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Govt Servants require permission to be member MC   Many a times it is seen that the Govt servants becoming members of the managing committee dominate the working of the …Read the Rest


Even Advocate cannot influence Public Prosecutor KERALA HIGH COURT Before:- Mr. B. Kemal Pasha, J. Crl. M.C. No. 1429 of 2014. D/d. 6.6.2016. Santy George Aged 53 Years, Advocate, American …Read the Rest

What if one has vested interest or contingent interest What is the meaning of vested interest? What is the difference between vested and contingent interest? Section19 of the Act provides …Read the Rest

Can evicted person recover expenses made in good faith:  If a transferee of immovable property under a defective title who, in good faith, believes that he has a good title makes …Read the Rest

Member of co-operative society is Consumer A member of the Co-operative Society is a consumer under the Consumer Protection Act. The co-operative society is bound to provide all services to …Read the Rest

Building Maintenance Fund of Society Creation, maintenance, utilization of building and replacement fund Rule 96(1) of the DCS Rules, 2007: Building Maintenance Fund of Society: Every co-operative housing society shall …Read the Rest

Better Policing Friends, Two of my write-ups on issues presently under hectic and intense discussion. Would request for your comments please. Amitabh Thakur # 094155-34526 For a better policing In …Read the Rest

Contracts which need not be performed Effect of novation, rescission and alteration of contract. 62. If the parties to a contract agree to substitute a new contract for it, or …Read the Rest

Consumer Forum orders Rs.15000 fine for mental agony reports from Chennai. Not delivering a greeting card after collecting Rs.40/- as service charge has cost a courier company Rs.15,000/-. A …Read the Rest

Insurance payable for death of policy holder due to mosquito bite  “Death of Policyholder patient due to Malaria after Mosquito Bite is an accidental death and hence Insurance Company is …Read the Rest

Car parking space in common areas charged by co-operative society Charging of car parking space in common space is illegal until an allotment has been made. If money is charged …Read the Rest

Stamp Duty for gift of property or item There are certain instruments, which although a gift of property, can be called “settlement”. The Bombay Stamp Act, applicable to the whole …Read the Rest

Freehold conversion of flats in CGHS By Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar Holding out that several anomalies exist in the Delhi Development Authority’s scheme of free-hold conversion for flats in Cooperative Group …Read the Rest